Priory - About Us

We, the Norbertine Canons of Queens Park, are a group of men called by Christ and animated by the life and example of our founder St Norbert.  Our heritage of over 860 years comes from Prémontré (1120 - France) through Tongerlo Abbey (1130 - Belgium) and Kilnacrott

The Priests and Brothers of the Order choose the Apostolic Way of Life living together in the monastery, and we commit ourselves to the sharing of goods and the public celebration of the Eucharist and the Liturgy of the Hours in choir.

The Norbertine vows himself to a particular Church, and each Norbertine community in any given place strives to serve the Church in a  ministry of worship, personal sanctification, and public apostolate.

A Norbertine promises to live in "common" with his brothers.   Each individual brings his whole self to the community, and it is in this community context that common worship, common apostolate and a truly common life is possible.

Inspired by the rule of our Holy Fr Augustine, and in sensitivity to one another, we strive to build up a "unity of mind and heart on the way to God"

Our tradition also incorporates a commitment to personal conversion and sanctification where we call one another fidelity to the way of life defined in our Constitutions.

As Canons Regular, Norbertines have a strong tradition of communal worship, which is a union of hearts and voices praising the Lord with renewed meaning and vitality.

The liturgy, which is the clearest form of the Order's apostolate, has an indispensable central role in Norbertine life.
It is from the liturgy, especially the Eucharist and the Liturgy of the Hours, that the Norbertine religious draws his strength for apostolic work, and it is in the liturgy that he finds the summit of his own personal prayer-life.

Saint Norbert sought to bring Christ to others.  Following his example, Norbertines engage in a variety of ministries to bring Christ to one another, to the people of God and to the world at large. 

We commit ourselves to our traditional ministries of parochial work and education, while being open to new apostolates.

Inspired by Mary our Mother and Norbert our founder, we wholeheartedly devote ourselves and our resources to continue the work of the Lord.....

........we have said Yes to Christ's call.

135 Treasure Road,
Queens Park
WA 6107,  Australia

Phone: 08 94582729 or 08 94515586

Fax: 08 93561602

Postal: PO Box 354,
Cannington WA 6107